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Taproot Class Years 1&2

Welcome to Taproot Class


What is a taproot? The acorn sends a shoot upward, the taproot. This is the first stage in the transformation of the acorn into the mighty oak tree. The taproot searches out and provides vital nutrients and water as well as anchoring the tree to the ground. In Taproot Class we gain vital knowledge which forms the roots of our learning and enables us to grow into strong and stable learners. 


Taproot class is a mixed class of Year One and Year Two children. In Taproot our teachers are Mrs Paine (Monday to Thursday) and Mrs Hartley (Friday).  In our class we also have Mrs English and Mrs Wood who help us with our learning. Our topic this term is ‘Amazing Earth’. Not only does this topic link beautifully with Geography and Science, but it lets us explore different cultures, traditions and find out how to care for our planet.  We will be learning about incredible individuals in the history of inventions and conservation, learn about the country Tobago and look at the natural inspiration behind the art of Matisse.


We have Maths, English and Phonics every morning and other subjects, such as Science, Music, Art, History, ICT, PSHE in the afternoons. PE will be on a Monday and Thursday. Mr Murray will be teaching ICT and Ms Pykett will be teaching Music.


Phonics and spellings are of particular importance this term as Year 1 have their Phonics screening coming up in June and Year 2 have their SATs in May. Keep reading and practising the spellings on Class Dojo and enjoy learning together.

If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to ask.


You can see all of the subjects and what we will be learning about on the curriculum offer below or for more detailed information on all the subjects that are taught at Stockcross please click here.


Thank you to the PTFA for a wonderful end to the last term with our special Easter activities. We have a busy Summer term ahead and are ready to show off what we can do.




Autumn 2021 - Explorers and Invaders


Every year the PTFA very kindly gives us some money to spend on resources for the classroom.  This money is essential to help us buy all those "extra" bits and bobs that really help the children to engage in their learning and bring that learning to life.  The fundraising ideas are always inventive and great fun for all involved.