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Sapling Class

Welcome to Sapling Class


Welcome to our web page! We hope you enjoy learning all about our brilliant class and find out about what we are doing at school this term.


We are a Year 3 and Year 4 mixed class and our teacher is Mr Murray. Our Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Jones. Our classroom is bright and fun with a brilliant reading corner full of books and a great art area for creating amazing things.

We enjoy everything about our class, especially seeing our work around our classroom walls.


Please take a look at what we will be learning for the rest of this term on our topic map and at the photos of us and our achievements!


Sapling class

Spring Term 2019 - Potions, Explosions and Dreams

Autumn Term 2018
Today, all the houses took part in a spectacular Science day at Stockcross. The children visited each classroom to take part in exciting activities to help build their knowledge and understanding of the world, as well as to have great fun! In Class 2 the children learned all about sound by creating and using their own 'plastic cup telephones' and 'straw oboes'. We had a brilliant time!

Family Learning Week - February 5th 2018: Ramp building competition

Class 2 say goodbye Mrs Tremlett and Miss Pollard!

Class 2 performing the Mummers' Play, 13th December 2017

A HUGE congratulations to the wonderful Mummers' in Class 2. The children were amazing and the audience laughed, clapped and cheered from start to finish. Well done Class 2 - we were all very, very proud of you today! Superstars, one and all! smiley

Enlargements of Insects inspired by Charles Darwin

Class 2 have been exploring the power of lines and how lines form the backbone of drawing. We have explored how line can be used to create as well as to directly copy, and most recently, how it can be used to form enlargements. The children, inspired by the sketches of Charles Darwin, have produced the most incredibly detailed enlargements of insects also showing amazing skill at shading. Sketching superstars!

The Juniors learning to play Estonian and Turkish playground games!

Photos of Class 2 in and out the classroom!