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Stockcross CE (VA) Primary School

‘Where the children come first’

Our Pledge to the Children

At this school we promise that you will always be cared for and listened to.


We also promise that you can:


Learn to play a musical instrument and perform for friends


Visit older people in our community


Go to the beach, build sandcastles and splash Mrs Dickens, the Headteacher


See a West End Show in London


Perform to an audience in a real theatre 


Sing with a live band on stage


Visit a cathedral, a synagogue, a mosque and a gurdwara


Visit a science museum, a natural history museum, a living museum and a castle


Stay in a youth hostel on a hill, a cabin in the woods and a room by the sea


Visit a farm or a horse stud and meet animals


Visit a science laboratory and do real experiments


Go to a theme park and have a thrilling ride


Take part in sports competitions with other schools


Meet people from other countries and see what life's like for them


Ride a zip wire, fire an arrow from a bow and drive a quad bike


Make dens in the trees, learn about birds and plant seeds