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Stockcross CE (VA) Primary School

‘Where the children come first’

School Values

First and foremost, we are a school where everyone delivers the very best of what they have to offer, so that every child can be the best that they can be. We want our children to leave school with roots and wings - roots of knowledge, skills and understanding and wings of confidence and resilience with which to fly. We believe that children should take a lead in how they learn and have ownership of how their school is shaped on a daily basis:


'Teachers should see learning through the eyes of the children ... and children should see themselves as their own teachers'

John Hattie - Visible Learning 2009


As a Church of England School we uphold our core Christian Values of love and mutual respect. We also explore other Christian values, such as tolerance, perseverance, courage, friendship, justice and forgiveness through collective worship with the whole school. A group of Year 5 children, our Worship Team, take the lead in planning and delivering themes to the children in assembly time. Within our teaching of these values we also incorporate the teaching and understanding of British Values - democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty, by electing House Captains and School Council members, having very clear rules for the children to follow and ensuring that children understand that they have rights and responsibilities within our school community and beyond.


As a school which seeks to reach beyond its community to support the children to have a better understanding of the wider world, we are the lead partner of an Erasmus Plus programme 2016-2018, with schools from Lithuania, Estonia, Italy and Turkey, entitled 'Moral Values and Preschool Children', which is centred on the impact that the specific teaching of moral values might have on the children and the wider community.